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I bought a Snotarator® at the Dallas Family Expo at Fair Park. I was iffy at first but a few nights in I finally used it, and have used it every night since. I have a 9 week old and it helps just getting boogers out of her tiny nostrils, but what kept coming after the booger was what got me hooked! Who knew so much snot was in their tiny heads 🙂 It was quick and seemingly painless since she didn’t even wimper, just seemed relieved. Thank you so much!

Kourtney H

Awesome product! My baby needed this so bad, it pulled all the nasty winter gunk right out! Thank you so much!! Wonderful wonderful stuff everyone should have one!

Lindsay E

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I just received the Snotarator in the mail today and used it on my 13 month old. Holy moly, I am in love. This is definitely the best nasal aspirator I have ever tried on my son. We have used bulb syringes and a Nosefrida, and after several trips to the ER for breathing issues, I can say it works just as well as the aspirators on the wall at the hospital.
I’m so thankful to have found this product, and wish I would have found it before my son had his first of many colds this past winter. This nasal aspirator did the job easily, no crying or discomfort from my toddler(who appreciates being able to sit up while being suctioned), and super easy to clean.

You should do more marketing to get the word out so other people don’t have to go through the trouble of trying other products that don’t work as well:)

Thank you,

Brittany K

Just wanted to send a quick email to say how fantastic your product is. I bought it a few months ago after our toddler had a nasty cold and was  struggling with a constantly blocked nose. The SnotARator cleans it out in just a few seconds. She really doesn’t like it being used on her (as you say on the website), but she settles down as soon as it’s taken away from her and the results are great. Very glad I found your website.

Kind regards,

Ian W

Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

p.s. Great name, too

After a recent stay in the hospital for my little one where I was able to use the hospital grade suction, I desperately wanted something similar for home use with my little guy. He is always congested due to reflux issues. We have had it in our home for two days now – WOW! Thank you!

 Lyn Christina

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