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    The SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator:

    The SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator is designed to remove mucus from the child's nasal cavity in order to ease breathing and prevent the development of further complications such as ear infections, pneumonia…etc.
    Please note that the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator may not work efficiently with a rechargeable handheld vacuum, as it will not provide strong enough suction power. For best results use a vacuum cleaner rated between 800-2200 Watts.
    The bell shaped end of the SnotARator® fits a vacuum hose up to 1.25″ in diameter. Please measure your vacuum's hose, if it is wider than 1.25″ in diameter (ShopVac, Bissel 3575-5…), we can provide you a foam adapter cover free of charge by selecting Foam Cover adapter at Check Out.