1Is there any danger to my child when the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator is used?
None whatsoever. The Snotarator® has an unique patented design that regulates the vacuum cleaner’s suction power to a safe level by circulating air through chambers. A similar wall mounted suction device is used in hospitals.
2Does a child experience any discomfort or pain when the device is used?
Using the Pediatrician-approved SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator relieves the discomfort and pain caused by constant nose wiping.
3Should the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator be used on infants?
Of course, this is why it was developed. Infants and toddlers cannot blow their own nose, therefore you need an effective nasal aspirator to avoid secondary infections and also avoid wiping their nose till it becomes sore. This pediatrician-approved device effectively solves these problems and does so with no discomfort.
4How often should the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator be used?
The device may be used as often as the child suffers from a cold, nasal congestion or a runny nose. There are no restrictions for frequent usage, although you should stop using the SnotArator® if there is no mucus in the collecting canister. You will find that the child may recover from its cold faster if the nasal secretion is suctioned out of the nasal cavity regularly.
5Will my home vacuum work with the SnotArator®?
Of course. The unit was designed for simple and easy use at home.
6Will my child be bothered or upset by the SnotARator®?
Children generally don’t like any way of nose cleaning. Because the Snotarator® doesn’t need to be inserted to the nostril like other nasal aspirators, it’s more likely that they will get used to it quicker.
7 Is the plastic evacuator difficult to clean or sterilize?
Not at all. The device is simple to clean using hot or warm soapy water. If total sterilization is desired, simply use boiling water as you would when cleaning your baby’s eating utensils and/or bottles.
8Why it is important to remove nasal secretion and mucus?
As pointed out by doctors and especially pediatricians, newborns and developing young children can be affected by a number of ailments if the mucus is not promptly and properly removed out of the nasal cavity. Ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, trouble eating, trouble sleeping can be serious problems. The pediatrician, hospital approved and accepted SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator can prevent these issues from occurring.