Our daughter Annika was 6 months old when she got her first cold. I needed to clear her nose, but as a first time mom, I had not yet mastered the art of successfully using the blue bulb syringe on a baby who fights my every attempt to get “that thing” into her nostril.

Because of my European background I knew about a nasal vacuum that has been sold in Europe for close to 20 years with 100% positive reviews. To my surprise it was not available in the United States. I had to have one ASAP, so I got one FEDEXed to me.

While waiting for the package to arrive, I wanted to get my daughter comfortable with the noise of the vacuum, since this specific nasal aspirator attaches to the vacuum cleaner’s hose. So we walked and pet the vacuum cleaner just like it was a dog, we even fed it some leftover crackers.

By the time the package arrived, Annika had a new pet! Surprisingly, I still had to wrestle her to suction the snot out of her nose, but she got more and more cooperative each time and now will even ask to have her nose cleared.

On the other hand, when my husband got home from work and saw what I was doing to our baby, his exact words were "What the heck are you doing? You're going to suck our baby's brain out!"

To his amazement, Annika's brain didn't get sucked out, but there was a whole lot of snot in the collecting canister of the nasal aspirator and it only took two seconds to get it out of her nose. Not to mention that it does not need to be inserted into the nostril, so my anxiety about irritating her nasal mucosa while she is throwing her head around was entirely put to rest.

Once Annika’s runny nose dried up, we decided to bring this product to the United States, so other mothers could benefit from a product that really works and is safe.

So this is the story of how we came up with the Snotarator and my hope is, that it will be as much help to other moms as it is to me.

-- Orsolya Halter --