Why choose the Snotarator® Nasal Aspirator?

Having an efficient nasal aspirator in every household with a young child is very important, especially during cold, flu and RSV season. Because young children are not able to blow their nose, it's a constant battle to keep their nasal passages clear to avoid complications and secondary infections such as ear infection, sinusitis, pneumonia...etc. A stuffy or runny nose is especially uncomfortable in the first few months of a child's life, as a baby will insist on breathing through his or her nose even when it is blocked. Using a nasal aspirator will ease the discomfort associated with a runny or stuffy nose and the struggle to breathe.

  • Pediatricians and ENT specialists recommend it.
  • The Snotarator® Nasal Aspirator removes mucus with a constant strength of suction power provided by any household vacuum cleaner with a hose.
  • Designed by an Engineer to regulate the vacuum cleaner's suction power to a safe and effective level.
  • Closest alternative to a Hospital Wall Mounted Nasal Suction Device.
  • Clinically tested, easy to clean and BPA free.
  • Reduces the risk of ear infections and other secondary infections.
  • Ideal for babies, infants and toddlers.

Please note that the Snotarator® may not work efficiently with a rechargeable handheld vacuum, as it will not provide strong enough suction power.

How to use the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator:

Assemble the nasal suction device (place the nozzle onto the silicone tube) and attach the bell-shaped end to the hose of a household vacuum cleaner. Turn your vacuum cleaner ON and start removing mucus by positioning the nozzle to your child's nostril. Hold it there for a couple of seconds while the discharge is deposited in the collecting canister. Repeat the process as needed. If there is no mucus in the collecting canister of the nose aspirator, the procedure should be stopped.

The unique design of the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator self-regulates the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to a safe level by circulating the air through chambers.

Keeping your child in a semi-upright position will help clearing his or her nose quicker and more efficiently.

In our experience most children are not fond of the idea of using any nose aspirator, but they will appreciate how quickly and effectively the SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator clears their nasal passages.

You can help your child feel more comfortable with the SnotARator® by using it on yourself first and letting him or her play with the device.

To ease out thick deposits, saline drops can be applied before using the nasal aspirator.

Extra care is needed with the use of this device in the case of wounds in the nose and also if the child has a tendency towards nasal bleeding or has chronic hemophilia. Do not leave user unattended.

Letter of recommendation from Dr. Thai V. Hoang of Stonebriar Pediatrics

Letter of recommendation from Dr. Rod Moser, PA, PhD

The SnotARator® Nasal Aspirator:

  The SnotARator®
The SnotARator®$19.95

The SnotAPhant® Nasal Aspirator:

  The SnotAPhant®
The SnotAPhant®$69.95

This vacuum cleaner has the ability to lift a bowling ball off the floor, yet with the SnotARator® attached to its hose, it will gently suction the baby food (snot) out of the tube. The SnotARator® self regulates any household vacuum cleaner's suction power to a safe level.



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